Welcome to the OBI Group

Innovative solutions for business opportunities

The OBI Group is an organisation of qualified HR and Business Coaches that specialise in improved business performance through improved employee performance.

Minimising Business Risk...Maximising Opportunities for Growth

OBI Group is a team of HR and business strategy and coaching experts that help businesses – just like yours – thrive and grow.

From helping you build your business strategy, to assisting in human resources, OH&S policies, marketing and advertising plans and sales coaching, we can assist you improve your business performance.

Our programs can assist you to:

  • Link your people to profit
  • Improve efficiency in your operations
  • Simplify and systemise your people management processes
  • Make your business "people ready"
  • Create a sustainable work environment

Most importantly, we know that businesses don’t make decisions, people do. But do your staff members have the confidence, skill and training to make the decisions that affect your business day-in, day-out?

Using superior analysis tools and coaching programs, we can help you improve the way you attract, manage and retain your staff. We can help you engage them in the business and show them how to actively assist in turning your business strategy into action.

Every business owner strives to grow their business, increase profit and have a safe, productive and harmonious workplace. Don’t think it’s just a pipedream; it is achievable! Our programs are designed to help businesses achieve tangible, real world results.

OBI Group is supported by a national team of experts committed to helping your business – and your people – achieve their full potential.

The OBI Group

The OBI Group can guide you to improve your business performance including the way you attract, manage and retain your staff.