Human Resources

Managing people can be a tricky job. HRS Online makes it simple.

Keeping in tune with your staff in the ever-changing workplace is difficult at the best of times, without having to also worry about the numerous legal requirements that go with employing people.

So how do you effectively care for your most valuable asset – your people?

We here at OBI Group believe that a clear job description, a strong framework and implementing correct policies to reduce workplace risk are vital to good people management.

This not only provides clarity for both employer and employee, but also assists managers to understand how each employment contract works and what legal obligations must be met.

Our consultants can assist the growth of your business using good people management. We will visit your workplace, assess your current and future needs, and then tailor a system to meet those needs.

We will then provide you with the user-friendly online system HRS Online; at a click you can access all details pertaining to each individual staff member

No more messy files, no more trying to remember verbal agreements and no more trying to second guess your legal obligations! Imagine how much easier managing your staff could be!

Contact us to see how we can help your business minimising risk and maximise opportunities for growth.

The OBI Group

The OBI Group can guide you to improve your business performance including the way you attract, manage and retain your staff.