Sales Coaching

Some people are born being able to sell ice to Eskimos…others have to work at it!

Your sales team are a vital part of your business; without them being trained, motivated and effective you might as well shut up shop and go home.

Whether you do business face-to-face or over the phone, OBI Group can train yourself and your sales staff to achieve full potential and convert those client enquiries to a done deal.

Our team will help you set a realistic, and therefore achievable, sales budget and targets through our tried and tested training programs.

By then applying a framework to your sales procedures, and training your staff to use it, you can not only manage your people more effectively, but improve your bottom line.

OBI Group consultants have extensive sales experience, as well as a complete understanding of the changing world of selling products to the marketplace.

Contact us to see how we can help your business minimising risk and maximise opportunities for growth.

The OBI Group

The OBI Group can guide you to improve your business performance including the way you attract, manage and retain your staff.